Nine daily habits for effective weight loss

Losing weight is not a temporary moment of awareness . In order to be healthy, fit and to consistently lose weight we need not make big sacrifices . Here are eight daily habits for effective weight loss.

Eat in moderation : Starving is a bad idea. Eat the food that you like but in keeping the calories count. Try to space your meals over the week. Keep one day reserve in a week for fried and sweet food.

Don’t skip your food: Skipping your meals, specialy when you are working is not the right way to go about it. Mental activities make you very hungry . You might skip your lunch but you will end up eating the wrong things later which is not a good idea.

Avoid midnight binging: Try not to awake late at night; it will only make you hungry. Watching television makes it worse. You will feel like having junk food, pizza, popcorn or fried chips. All of those extra pounds you gain comes from midnight binging.

Stay away from sugary snacks and candies: Have you sweet tooth? There is no good news for you. Stocking up dozens of candies and bars in your refrigerator will only increase your weight and nothing else. Have it only once in a week rather than having desserts after each meals.

Try to eat only home cooked meals: Having street food can only push you further down to road to gain weight. By watching your weight, you need to cook healthy food at your own kitchen. You need not to go to stalls for fried chickens or those egg-rolls in Chinese stalls.

Weight Loss Progress
Weight Loss Progress (Photo credit: Lexinatrix)

Eat more proteins and fewer carbohydrates: Plan out your meals in advance; you would need to reduce the intake of carbohydrates and increase the amount of protein amount. It will help to decrease your weight effectively.

Avoid soda and sweetened beverages: In the summers you are inclined toward ice-cold beer, iced tea and cola drinks which are saturated with sugar. These beverages are responsible for deposition of fat on the wrong places on the body.

Exercise on regular basis: You can eat without nurturing guilt if you are regular with your workout and exercises like aerobics and zumba dance which both are very help full in reducing weight.

Make yoga a good habit of you: Doing yoga and pranayam is the best way to lose the weight. If we do kapalbhati pranayam for 20 to 30 minutes in a stretch every morning it will lose least five kilogram weight in twenty days.



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