Shavasna: The relaxation therapy

Yog nidra and Shavasna is a way to feel full relaxation of our body, as well of our mind. Although the asana is said to perform exercise, but in shavasna it is reverse, in this asana body do nothing but just fully relaxed , no stretching, no bending. We just lie down and leave all the joints, limbs and muscles relaxed and loose and our eyes are closed. It is called shavasana because our body seems like a dead body.

IMPORTANCE: Shavasna is performed at the end of all other asanas to relax, cool and rejuvenate our body. It also low down our blood pressure, relaxes our mind, controls the heart rate and reduces the stress because in shavasna good hormones are secreted in the body. It also cure the psychosmatic symptoms.

“Closing of eyes and lying down is not called Shavasna but shavasna is to relax our body and our mind too.”

TECHNIQUE: To perform shavasna first of all we should lie down on our back and close our eyes arms and legs straight, palms facing upward. Now relaxation of our all body muscles should be started starting from greater toe, foot, calf, thigh, abdomen, hands, forearm, arm, chest, neck head face subsequently. Our main concentration should be in-between  the eyebrows and observe the breathing process. Body should be still. The main point of shavasna is to controls our breathing calmly. Whenever we inhale we should feel cool and when we exhale we feel hotness in our nostrils. As in a normal process our body inhale cool air , absorbs energy from body and is exhaled out in hot and humid way with toxins of body i.e. carbon dioxide. This is the same physical aspect of the shavasna.

As we perform this asana for much time we observe that every breath is coming slow, steady and deep. This slow, steady and deep inhaling and exhaling of breath brings  calmness and feeling of peace… with our self and world. When we get angry we breath more rapidly and shortly and when we are happy we breathes slow,long  and deep. The same should be applied to the shavasan. As all our limbs, muscles and joints are in relaxed position our brain also go to to the relaxed position which realy give us the real joy and happiness.

Balanced diet and Ayurveda

Diet can’t be illustrated in any particular form. It can be beneficial to one and can be hazardous to the other person. There should be proper knowledge to understand the balanced diet. we should choose our diet by scientific way so that it can not harm us any way and should not the cause of any disease and be safe for our health. Age, sex, climate, built of our body, type of our job (occupation), digestive power and stage of disease are main factors which should be kept in mind while choosing our diet.

A diet rich in soy and whey protein, found in ...
A diet rich in soy and whey protein, found in products such as soy milk and low-fat yogurt, has been shown to reduce breast cancer incidence in rats. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

AGE: Growing children need proper balanced diet and nutrition for their body to grow. Extra amount of calcium, proteins, phosphorous, vitamins, fat and other micro nutrients are much needed in these growing children. As the age of child progresses the quality of diet should be checked properly instead of quantity. Saying that the diet which we take at the age of 15-20 should be taken at the age of 40 is a foolish thing. More minerals and micro nutrients are required during growth of children due to growth period of child. In age after forty person require more enzymes and vitamins due to the process of more cells are destroyed in this age. During old age cereals should be taken in low quantity and should prefer to take germinated food and fruits to fulfill the requirement of the body. During old age more excessive food can cause discomfort of abdomen like indigestion and loose stool. In young growing age more fruits, vegetables and cereals are required to grow the tissues.

SEX: Usually women need less amount of calories diet as compared to men. The weight, built and height of women is lesser than men comparatively. The quality and quantity of diet should be increases during pregnancy and during lactation, as during this period food is not only necessary to woman but will also give nutrition to the child also. lactating and pregnant women need more nourished food than the non pregnant. Women should take healthy diet as during menstruation.

CLIMATE: Consumption of food also depend on the climate of the surrounding. People reside in cold region consume more calories than people who lives in the hot climate. Countries in Europe and America needs more calorie food than Asia and Africa. Our body needs more energy and temperature boosted food in the cold climatic area as compare to hot areas. In cold regions meats etc. are more consumed in the winter season. In hot climate other products like watermelons, and other fruits and their juices are much consumed.

BUILT OF BODY: Tall, fatty and healthy people need more energy and food because of their every organs of the same structure. Fatty person consume more food than the lean and thin person, so it is better if thin person eat more food and the obese person should take less food.
OCCUPATION: Person who do hard work like farmers and coolies need more energy due to his extra exercise and hard work. To fulfill that requirement of energy he needs more carbohydrates and proteins. People who performs less hard work like doctors advocates and teachers need less calories in their food. occupation also pay much role in consumption of food, if person who usually perform his work in sitting position all the day consumes heavy food will only result in fatness of him because of less exercise or heavy work.
ABILITY TO DIGEST: our diet depends on our the ability digest. If our digestion power reduces then good fibrous and balanced diet is not digested properly. We should take our food according to our digestive power. If the power of digestion is good then every item we eat will be digested properly and if the digestive power of our body is week than a simple bread piece will remain undigested. So in this way the amount and quality of diet depends on the power of digestion.

STAGE OF DISEASE: Obese persons get more obese due to more intake of calories food such as junk food and cold drinks and are suffered by diseases which originate due to fatness like hypertension, diabetes etc. Obese people should take less calories food to retain their body in balance. Same is applied for diseases as in hypertension ghee, non-veg, fish egg are harmful and same in diabetes carbohydrates are harmful.

Anxiety and ayurveda

Anxiety is the comprehensive term used for psychosomatic disorders which are characterized by excessive worrying, unnatural fears, excessive nervousness and uneasiness. Anxiety is becoming much common in younger age groups now a days, especially younger men and women from multi-national companies and other industrial groups.

Anxiety is involved in most of the diseases and works as a cause for all these diseases. So, if we have ability to control the anxiety, we can almost control most of the diseases. This is the basic thought through which we can achieve “Complete Health”.

The most common symptoms of anxiety are fast pulse, excess sweating, Heart palpitations, headache, INSOMNIA, restlessness, breathlessness, nervousness, imaginary fear, hyperactivity, difficulty in concentration, confusions and tendency to be irritable without an obvious cause.

According to “Ayurveda” Anxiety or manovaha strota vyadhi is caused as a result of vikriti of manovaha strota due to aggravation or vitiated Prana Vata, which weakens the Central Nervous System and triggers the psychological imbalance. It also affects the Neuro-Hormonal functions. The root causes for anxiety are improper diet and life style that leads the distressed state of mind causes the negative feelings.

Ayurveda recommends a holistic approach to manage and heal it through diet, classical herbal medicines and yoga along with meditation.
Diet Recommended for Anxiety:-

English: An anxious person
English: An anxious person (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  •  Eat a healthy, whole foods diet with plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits. All fruits & vegetables have Magnesium, which is essential for managing the blood pressure and psychological health.
  • Keep away from processed foods and eat more natural products, these will lift your moods and calm anxiety.

Foods to avoid:

  • Fizzy drinks, Tea, Coffee, processed food, White bread, Chips, Pastry, Cakes, Caffeine, Sugar, Alcohol, Chocolate, Cheese, Fast Food.
  • Pickles, yoghurt and other acid forming foods are not good for you.
  • Minimize consumption of spices. Your food should be calming in nature not too much exciting.

Lifestyle Recommended for Anxiety:-

  • Good sleep:. A proper sleep relaxes both body and the mind. It improves your mood and recovers the ability of mind to deal with daily stress.
  • Take a break from routine work and spend some time with your friends and relatives. It works as a great anxiety barrier.
  • Listen calm music: Listening calm music decrease blood pressure, heart rate, and anxiety levels.

Ayurvedic Herbs Recommended for Anxiety:

               are examples of herbs which are effectively used in Classical Ayurvedic Medicines or as home remedy in anxiety.

Yoga Recommended for Anxiety:


Mustard oil and its benefits


Mustered oil is very popular in India. Mostly here in India it is used for cooking, cosmetics and as well beauty purpose. It can be placed with other cooking oils which has low saturated fat. The mustered plant is a useful plant its almost all parts are used in an Indian kitchen. Its seeds are used to extract oil from it and as well as spice. Its leaves, stem and branches are used as vegetable usually called as ‘saag’. It is used as catalyst which enhances taste and nutrient value of food. Mustered and its benefits are described in many of Ayurvedic books. Some of its benefits are as below:

  • Mustered oil lubricates our gastrointestinal tract so that food can easily move forward. It also increases circulation and digestion. It act as a very strong stimulant. If someone is suffering from irregular bowel habit or having constipation he can get much relief by adding mustered oil into his or her diet at regular basis. It improves digestion by producing bile and gastric juices. It stimulates liver and spleen. It improves appetite. As hunger booster it can be used to gain weight.
  • Mustered oil balances the cholesterol level because it has monounsaturated fat. It reduces the triglycerides can also be used in hyperthyroidism and kidney diseases. Because it controls cholesterol, triglycerides and improves circulation, it improves BMR thus reduces obesity.
  • Resent studies shows that it fight against cancer, specially of digestive tract. Mustered oil has anti microbial and anti-fungal properties so it is effective in infections of digestive and urinary tract. If someone is suffering from any skin infection caused by fungus, it completely remove that infection.
  • Mustered oil has anti inflammatory powers so it can be used for treatment of rheumatoid and general arthritis. It removes inflammation of joints due to its warmness. for better results we should massage leuke warm mustered oil to affected joint and should cover the joint with warm bandage. It also nourishes the skin. Mustered oil has high quantity of vitamin E, so it is useful in overall health of skin. It fights against pollution, aging and harmful rays like UV rays. Mustered oil so in this way protect us from fine lines and wrinkles of face.
  • Mustered oil is being used to treat the gums and teeth problems, it is being rubbed on the teeth with salt. It is used in insect bite by applying directly on to bite place.