Mustard oil and its benefits


Mustered oil is very popular in India. Mostly here in India it is used for cooking, cosmetics and as well beauty purpose. It can be placed with other cooking oils which has low saturated fat. The mustered plant is a useful plant its almost all parts are used in an Indian kitchen. Its seeds are used to extract oil from it and as well as spice. Its leaves, stem and branches are used as vegetable usually called as ‘saag’. It is used as catalyst which enhances taste and nutrient value of food. Mustered and its benefits are described in many of Ayurvedic books. Some of its benefits are as below:

  • Mustered oil lubricates our gastrointestinal tract so that food can easily move forward. It also increases circulation and digestion. It act as a very strong stimulant. If someone is suffering from irregular bowel habit or having constipation he can get much relief by adding mustered oil into his or her diet at regular basis. It improves digestion by producing bile and gastric juices. It stimulates liver and spleen. It improves appetite. As hunger booster it can be used to gain weight.
  • Mustered oil balances the cholesterol level because it has monounsaturated fat. It reduces the triglycerides can also be used in hyperthyroidism and kidney diseases. Because it controls cholesterol, triglycerides and improves circulation, it improves BMR thus reduces obesity.
  • Resent studies shows that it fight against cancer, specially of digestive tract. Mustered oil has anti microbial and anti-fungal properties so it is effective in infections of digestive and urinary tract. If someone is suffering from any skin infection caused by fungus, it completely remove that infection.
  • Mustered oil has anti inflammatory powers so it can be used for treatment of rheumatoid and general arthritis. It removes inflammation of joints due to its warmness. for better results we should massage leuke warm mustered oil to affected joint and should cover the joint with warm bandage. It also nourishes the skin. Mustered oil has high quantity of vitamin E, so it is useful in overall health of skin. It fights against pollution, aging and harmful rays like UV rays. Mustered oil so in this way protect us from fine lines and wrinkles of face.
  • Mustered oil is being used to treat the gums and teeth problems, it is being rubbed on the teeth with salt. It is used in insect bite by applying directly on to bite place.



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