Shavasna: The relaxation therapy

Yog nidra and Shavasna is a way to feel full relaxation of our body, as well of our mind. Although the asana is said to perform exercise, but in shavasna it is reverse, in this asana body do nothing but just fully relaxed , no stretching, no bending. We just lie down and leave all the joints, limbs and muscles relaxed and loose and our eyes are closed. It is called shavasana because our body seems like a dead body.

IMPORTANCE: Shavasna is performed at the end of all other asanas to relax, cool and rejuvenate our body. It also low down our blood pressure, relaxes our mind, controls the heart rate and reduces the stress because in shavasna good hormones are secreted in the body. It also cure the psychosmatic symptoms.

“Closing of eyes and lying down is not called Shavasna but shavasna is to relax our body and our mind too.”

TECHNIQUE: To perform shavasna first of all we should lie down on our back and close our eyes arms and legs straight, palms facing upward. Now relaxation of our all body muscles should be started starting from greater toe, foot, calf, thigh, abdomen, hands, forearm, arm, chest, neck head face subsequently. Our main concentration should be in-between  the eyebrows and observe the breathing process. Body should be still. The main point of shavasna is to controls our breathing calmly. Whenever we inhale we should feel cool and when we exhale we feel hotness in our nostrils. As in a normal process our body inhale cool air , absorbs energy from body and is exhaled out in hot and humid way with toxins of body i.e. carbon dioxide. This is the same physical aspect of the shavasna.

As we perform this asana for much time we observe that every breath is coming slow, steady and deep. This slow, steady and deep inhaling and exhaling of breath brings  calmness and feeling of peace… with our self and world. When we get angry we breath more rapidly and shortly and when we are happy we breathes slow,long  and deep. The same should be applied to the shavasan. As all our limbs, muscles and joints are in relaxed position our brain also go to to the relaxed position which realy give us the real joy and happiness.

6 thoughts on “Shavasna: The relaxation therapy”

  1. I would do Yoga except I am hyperactive, I don’t sit still even when I eating a meal I leave the table while I chewing to do something I thought about doing, so I get very unhappy at a restaurant, I get bored very easily sitting and talking, it makes my throat hurt

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