Yoga for glowing skin

One can’t be surprised to listen that there is no need of make up  if one should do yoga regularly. It is unbelievable to listen but it is the fact. Yoga helps us keeping our skin healthy, fit, beautiful and glowing. There are certain  poses of yoga which helps us in doing so


(Bow pose)


To start this pose lies down on our stomach with both hands lying beside our body. Relax for 20 seconds, now bring both the feet upward and toward the buttocks with the help of hands,hold the ankle and stretch the body and legs to form the shape of bow. Now this position should be maintained up to 15 to 20 seconds. In this pose breathing should be in normal way.

This pose helps in making our skin glow and firm and it also removes the dullness of our skin.


(Plough pose)

This pose increases blood flow in our body, which glows our skin. To perform this pose one should lie on the mat in calm and relax position. Now lift your legs  in upward direction slowly to make right angle between our straight  legs and our upper part of body.  Breathing process should be slow and calm. Now push your legs behind your head with or without help of our hands. Hold this position for 15 to 20 seconds and now slowly come to your normal position.

This pose should be repeated five to seven times.

Twisted seated pose

To perform this pose one should sit cross-legged on the asana mat and perform deep breathing exercise, now place your left hand on the right thigh by slowly twisting upper body and breathing should be loud. Remain in this pose for 20 seconds. Now repeat the process on other side by placing your right hand over the left thigh and twist the upper trunk. Repeat this pose for five to seven times.

This pose repairs damaged cells of our skin and helps in removing wrinkles and small lines over the body. In simple words this pose helps us in looking young.

 Surya namaskar pose

Surya namaskar is a pose which combines 12 poses of yoga. It is also helpful in natural glowing of skin. Surya namaskar should be performed daily.

Surya namaskar removes all the toxins from the body.


(Corpse pose)

Lie on the mat and close your eyes, loose the body slowly starting from toe to head  and forget about negative thoughts of this world. Think about positive things of your life. The breathing process should be calm and slow.

This pose helps in circulating fresh oxygenated blood to whole body making skin-tight and glowing.



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