Sinusitis and Ayurveda

Maxilar bone with left sided sinusitis (left m...
Maxilar bone with left sided sinusitis (left maxillar sinus light-coloured; in picture right-down). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Heaviness in head, headache, continuous sneezing, mild fever, redness and irritability of eyes, malaise, occasional fever continuous discharge coming out through nose; which may be watery or thick which may persist off and on. These all are the symptoms of sinusitis which may prolong to months.  

            Sometime this secretion stops and nose become dry. In chronic sinusitis there may be tenderness and pain over the sinus areas. If it is not treated timely it may lead to chronic suppurative infection of the nose. According to Ayurveda nasal polyps may arise there in the nose and lead to emphysema and chronic cough.


Exposure to cold, specific viral or bacteria lead to infection and inflammation of the nasal cavity, from where the infection spread to the sinuses. The secretion oozes out from the sinuses due to poor immunity, this condition is known as sinusitis. Any injury to nasal cavity, influenza, teeth infections are some other causes of the sinusitis. Dust, smoke, pungent perfumes, chilled weather, getting wet in rain, sleeplessness are other causes according to Ayurveda.

Treatment and diet chart

  • By getting up early at four ‘o clock one should do his daily routine habits like pass stool brushing his teeth, he should do Kunjar kriya, Jal-neti, rubber-neti or ghrit-neti.
  • At six a.m. massage of vertebral column, abdomen and of face should be done after that enema should be given to the patient. After enema patient should warm his feet with hot water and should give sponge bath with boiled neem leaves water.   At eight in morning give him lemon water or half glass of orange juice with adding water.
  • At eleven a.m. give him lemon water or orange juice or any seasonal fruit.
  • At two p.m. give him lemon water, honey or any vegetable soup.
  • At four p.m. we should give him local steam to his neck and face and cover it with hot towel.
  • At six p.m. pomegranate, orange, papaya, peach, apple, should be given as a light diet.
  • Tea, coffee, sugar, fried – spicy food, junk food, cold beverages, biscuits, meat, hard drink or wine, smoking, candies, chocolates should be avoided. In the beginning of sinusitis patient should take only water or lemon water for two to three days and should take light food up to five days. Up to this time the symptoms of sinusitis subside. After seven days we should subscribe him normal food habits which may contain vegetables, salad, cured, sprouts etc. When patient has no symptoms of disease, we should give him cold bath especially to his vertebral column. It helps in improving his immunity.


Avoid deep fried, fish, hard drink and coffee etc. Heavy products. Give your digestive system a break once in the week by fasting by taking lemon water or orange juice. After next day of fasting one should take enema.

Morning walk for 10 to 30 minutes improves your immunity which prevents the sinusitis. In acute stage of the disease jal-neti is contraindicated. In chronic cases rubber-neti jal-neti or ghrit-neti is advisable for one month.

Asanas useful in prevention of sinusitis

Home remedies

Reoccurrences of diseases is prevented by taking care of our daily routine food habits.

  • Take honey by mixing it with ginger juice.
  • Make tablet of Powder of saunth (dried ginger) mixed with jiggery anc should be taken twice daily.
  • Make decoction of 11 leaves of Tulsi, mishri 20 gm, blackpapper 11, ginger 2 gm. This decoction should be taken twice a day empty stomach for five days

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