Ujjayi pranayam and its benefits

English: Om in telugu

Ujjayi pramayam is type of pranayam which has a great importance. It should be performed empty stomach in morning and at evening. To perform this pranayam one should sit in an easy asan on a mat. Contract the throat and inhale while doing this pranayam. Sound similar to snoring which is made while contracting the throat while inhaling. One should sit in any meditative pose and should inhale from both nostrils, contract the throat and you will feel touch of air in the throat. The air must not touch our nose. When the air touches the throat a specific sound is produced in the throat. For the beginners only poorak (inhalation) and rechak (expiration) is advisable, they should not do kumbhak (stop after inhalation). In general after poorak, the kumbhak is performed for the same duration and then doubles its duration i.e. in 1:2 ratio. If kumbhak is practice for ten seconds then Jalandhar bandh and Moolbandh are also performed along with it. After the kumbhak, rechak is performed. To do rechak right nostril is pressed with right thumb and air is expired from the left nostril.


  • Ujjayi pranayam is beneficial to those persons who are suffering from chronic cough, chronic cold, dysentery, indigestion, liver and spleen problems.
  • It cures all the phlegmous diseases (kafaj diseases).
  • Ujjayi pranayam must be practiced 10 to 13 times to control the hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism.
  • Regular performance of Ujjayi pranayam makes our sound sweet and melodious.
  • It cures lisping of children.
  • Ujjayi is the best pranayam in arousing kundilini, meditation and for concentration (dhyan).

Ujjayi pranayam reduces snoring problem in just 5 to 7 days.


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