Sitkari pranayama

Sitkari pranayam is the pranayam recommended to people who have pittaj type of nature or pittaj diseases.


Sit in any meditative pose and try to touch the tongue upwards and join the upper and lower row of teeth and open the lips. Now inhale in such a way that the sound of “see-see” come from the mouth , inhalation should be in such a way that it fully fill your lung. Both teeth and tongue should be stable at their position. Do the Jalandhar bandh after the poorak (inhalation). Remain in the same position for as long as we can. Now rechak or exhalation is done through nose by closing the mouth. This process should be repeated eight to ten times. Sitkari pranayam can be done without Jalandhar bandh or without kumbhak.


  • it is beneficial in diseases of tongue mouth and throat.
  • It cures diseases of spleen, liver, indigestion and fever.
  • It controls high blood pressure; it purifies blood and is mostly practiced in pittaj diseases.
  • It cures dental problems like pyorrhea, diseases of throat, mouth , nose, tongue etc.
  • It reduces sleep and controls body temperature.
  • The patients suffering from hypertension (high blood pressure) should perform this for fifty to sixty times for real Benefit.

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