Ease old age with Ayurveda

It is difficult to keep our health fit and to keep our daily routine fit on the edge of old age. If our health is not perfect then our family members may also don’t look after properly.  So here are some useful ayurvedic steps to ease complications of old age.

Morning and evening walk:  old people who can walk should go out for a morning walk up to one or two miles before one or two hours sunrise. If possible, should go for a brisk evening walk too. Walk improves blood circulation in the body and gives energy to body. it is the best way to avoid complications of old age. This process of walk increases the age of a person. Person who cannot go out for the walk out in street should take walk on the roof of their home.

Chew the food properly:  it is most important to keep our stomach smooth and empty in the old age. Medicines are not good choice to keep it so, because medicines make our intestines weak and it reduces the adsorption of our intestines. To avoid these complications the best way is to increase the intake of fibrous food in our food in the shape of more vegetables or fruits and eat our food by properly chewing that. If person doesn’t have teeth or teeth are less then he should take light or food, so that should be easy to digest. This helps food to digest easily in the intestines, intestines remains healthy, intestines cleans properly and easily and person feels hunger at time. Early in the morning should take fruits instead of tea or coffee. We should not take our meals up to neck.

Drink slowly:  occasionally peoples drink water and milk etc. rapidly, which is the wrong process according to Ayurveda. One should drink tea , milk and juice etc. in long process as of tea or coffee by sip and sip. It helps in mixing the saliva with each sip Which helps in the digestion. One should drink five to seven glasses of water in whole day.

Body massage: massage improves the circulation in the body and it also increases the age of a person. So it is important to take a massage of full body or any part of body at least for half an hour.

Deep breathing:  every person breaths 13-14 times in a minute and we should try to reduce it up to 10 – 12 breathes per minute by taking long and deep breathing. We should try to breathe as we breathe in deep sleep. As said according to Vedas the age depends on our breaths its our will to finish it by taking rapidly in 60-70 years or finish it in 100 years by taking them deep and long. As yogies do the pranayama and lives for 100s of years. One should take deep breath up to throat and breath out up to  the umbilicus . this is not the process which can be practiced in one day but it takes few months to be habitual. This process increases the age of a person and it filters our respiration and resulting increase of immunity of the body.if any person gets tiered while working he should sit on the chair in straight position and take 10-15 deep breathes, it helps in reducing his physical and mental tiredness and give feeling of peace. This process is very heopfull to the persons suffering with sleeplessness. For this purpose this long breathing exercise should be practiced before going to bed for 15-20 times. The person who take deep and long breathes has less chances to suffer from tuberculosis. This process of breathing  is also known as ‘bharsrika pranayama’. Very weak, and loose herted person should not perform this exercise.

 Asanas:  All asanas has also good role in increasing age but main asanas usefull are – sidhasana, padamasana, paschimotnasana and sheershasana. These all re the simple asanas which is easily to perform by any age person. Asanas should be performed up to 2- 3 minutes in the begning and should be increased up to 5- 10 minutes as one get use to them. These should be performed under the supervision of a trained yoga teacher. Very old person and weak person should not perform sheershasana. These asanas should be practiced in the morning empty stomach yielding marvelous changes in the health in next few days.


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