Rules for Pranayama

Pranayama should be done in healthy, non polluted place .if possible the place should be near the water resource.

Room should be scented with guggul dhoop or inscence sticks.

For Pranayama We should use sidhasana, vajrasana or padamasana to sit. The sitter which we are using to sit during Pranayama should be a bad of light and energy e.g.  Blanket or sitter made up of grass or kusha. 

We should breath through nostrils only during Pranayama, by taking breath through nose helps in the filtration of air and it regulates the body temperature through Ida, Pingla. Foreign particles remain outside in the nose.

Pranayama should be performed after finishing morning habits like passing of stool and urine etc. there should be a gap of 4 to 5 hours between Pranayama and our meals. In the beginning the duration of Pranayama should be kept between 5 to 10 minutes and after few days it should increased slowly. If one can’t pass stool in morning easily he should take any purgative at night like trifla churan with warm water.

Instructor de Kundalini yoga practicando Pranayama
Instructor de Kundalini yoga practicando Pranayama (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

During Pranayama our mind should be calm, happy and in cool state.

Pranayama should be performed by viewing our prakriti (nature) and according to weather as some Pranayama increases hotness and some increases coldness in the body.

If one feels tiredness during Pranayama then he should take 5 to 6 long breaths and take rest in-between.

Person suffering from fever, hunger and pregnant women should not perform Pranayama.

We should not use heavy food during Pranayama period. Milk and fruits are advisable.

During Pranayama we should not take breath forcefully. When we take air in side is called “poorak” when we stop air in lungs is called “kumbhak” and when we expel air out is called “rechak” and when we hold air out side is called “bahya kumbhak”.

Pranayama is not only these poorak,  kumbhak , rechak but it is to control breathing, and stabilize the mind.

Before Pranayama we should say “Om” for 5 to 10 times in long version. Om stabilizes the mind. During Pranayama there should be no extra thinking. During Pranayama use of Om and Gayatri mantra are much beneficial spiritually.

Pranayama yields great results if we keep our vertebral column and our pelvis straight.

Pranayama should not be practiced in hurry.

Pranayama should be done after taking bath. If somebody missed that and want to take bath, there should be a gap of 15-20 minutes in between.

One should not practice Pranayama by reading books or copying someone. All aspects of Yoga, Pranayama and asanas should be practiced under a well trained teacher called ‘Yoga teacher’.


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