Diabetes and yoga

Diabetes is being common problem among people, not only elder but its is mostly affecting youngsters. Diabetes can be controlled and managed by yoga. Here we can learn how with old ancient technique of yoga, diet control, life style changes how our increased blood sugar level comes to normal range.

Yoga and diabetes: yoga help to reduce the blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Doing yoga and exercises daily can reduce the symptoms of diabetes and blood pressure. Type two diabetes is a problem caused by unhealthy lifestyle and poor fitness which leads to complications.

Stress and diabetes: when our body is under stress then glucagon is secreted in body which increases glucose level in our body. So it is important to practice yoga regularly. We can do kapalbhati pranayama, exercises, or meditation to control this high level of glucose.

Yoga and weight loss: obesity is the one of cause of diabetes. By decreasing weight we can control diabetes. For reduce weight kapal bhati and suryanamaskar (sun salutation) are best ways.

Yoga and high blood pressure: increased blood pressure is another cause of diabete by controlling blood pressure we can control the diabetes. The poses to control blood pressure and diabetes are corpse pose, bridge pose (setubandh asna) child pose, dhyan and yognidra.

Yoga poses for diabetes:

  • nadi shodhan pranayam

    Chakra_Asana-Wheel_Pose_Wiki (Photo credit: monathematrix)
  • vajrasna ( kneeling pose)
  • shoulder stand ( sarvangasna)
  • plow pose (halaasana)
  • lying down body twist (chakarasana)
  • bow posture (dhanurasna)
  • two legged forward bend
  • sitting half spinal twist (ardh matsyenderasana)

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