Live stress free … to enjoy life

Stress is the problem which is decreasing our happiness and increasing difficulties in our life which is directly or indirectly affecting our health. Lets know about the causes and their avoidance to live happy life.

Health (Photo credit: 401(K) 2013)

  •  We should not spoil our present by remembering past or by thinking of future. If our past was inspiring then we have to look forward by remembering that and if was bad then we should forget that past. Otherwise it will create stress in us.
  • We should learn lesson from our previous faults of life and should try not to repeat them again to live life smoothly.
  • We should try our best to improve our weaknesses. In this world  every person is not a perfect one. We should to distinguish between our negatives and positives and to improve those positives more. This negativeness causes stress we should avoid those.
  • We should be proud what God has gifted to us
  • We should remain happier.  A happy mind creates positive energy in us which is a real key to success. Laughing is also a good exercise for our body.
  • We should keep our body moving. We should do exercise up to our capacity. It will not only consume our time but will stop negative thoughts to come into our mind.
  • We should consult our doctor regularly so as to avoid any serious problem or disease. As said a healthy body consist healthy mind. If any disease attacks us then should take treatment as early as possible.
  • We should consult our friends and our coworkers to avoid our negativity. We should try to copy their good habits to improve our life. We should consult our parents or grandparents to get their consultancy and guidance.
  • We should never bring the word ‘impossible’ into our mind. There is necessity just to think positive and to apply onto that.
  • We should set a target or goal in our life and should try to achieve that by making good plans. We should analyze the profits and losses of our target and should make a timetable in our life.
  • Never sit free because in empty mind various negative thoughts ripened. We should do good jobs like helping others etc. We should not waste our precious time as said “money gone, nothing gone; health gone, something is gone; time is gone, everything is gone’. Make a good friends of you with whom you can share all your problems. He or she may be of your family or may be your classmate or coworkers. 

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