Uses of turmeric powder at home

  • It is useful to massage turmeric powder along with salt and mustered oil to get rid of pyorrhea, foul smell of mouth and other dental disorders.
  • One teaspoon of turmeric powder should be taken with one glass of warm milk to increase the immune power of body and it is also beneficial in body aches and any pain after injury.
  • Half teaspoon of fried turmeric powder is mixed with honey is beneficial in sore throat or in cough.
  • Turmeric powder stops bleeding after sprinkling it over the wound. It also prevents blister formation after burn.
  • A hot poultice of turmeric powder and mustered oil is applied to the place of inflammatory part or twisted part or strained part of body.
  • It is also used for homemade face mask for wrinkles and for pimples. Turmeric powder is mixed with dry powder of neem (azardicta indica) and with sandalwood powder. It helps in improving glow of face as well

5 thoughts on “Uses of turmeric powder at home”

  1. Mixing turmeric with honey, is very good for oral ulcers, as well as wounds (the honey helps in curing, turmeric helps in alleviating inflammation). Turmeric is excellent for receding gums along with sesame oil. Turmeric has many benefits, too short to mention here πŸ™‚

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