Garlic: a friend of heart

English: A basket of garlic (allium sativum) o...

Fresh garlic can significantly lower LDL cholesterol levels without hurting beneficial HDL cholesterol levels. Garlic appears to act by blocking the liver from making too much LDL cholesterol.

Garlic helps support the body’s anti-clotting mechanism in arteries and veins. It helps in reducing  heart disease.

Garlic can mildly lower blood pressure by dilating or expanding blood vessels. And garlic helps prevent blood clots and therefore reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke by decreasing the stickiness of platelets.

Garlic helps in the treating  high cholesterol. Garlic ensures smooth coronary function.

Garlic has also been shown to reduce pain and other symptoms in people with rheumatoid arthritis.

Garlic has  anti-bacterial, anti-fungal properties and hypoglycemic action.

Garlic rejuvenates a tired liver and promotes its normal functioning.

Garlic helps in boosting weight of babies destined to be too small.

Garlic is used as a aphrodisiac, expectorant, and stimulant.

Garlic possesses anti-inflammatory, anti-arthritic, hypolipidemic and anticoagulant properties.

Garlic regulates metabolism and assist in the discharge of toxic food residuals.

Garlic helps in better breathing process and improves lungs activity, especially if you are asthmatic.

Garlic is observed to be a very efficient vessel dilator for improved blood vessel health and performance for human vital senses.

Functions of garlic are the same way as Vitamin E, which is known to improve blood circulation, to cleanse the blood, to increase red corpuscles, and to refresh cells by promoting the circulation of oxygen throughout the body, by its antioxidant activity.

Garlic reduces the size of some cancerous tumors and helps prevent some cancers, particularly those in the intestines.

One of the oldest uses of garlic, however, is as an antibiotic. Garlic kills a range of microbes, including viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites, and can be effective against such conditions as athlete’s foot, thrush (a fungal infection of the mouth), viral diarrhea, and the ulcer-causing bacteria Helicobacter pylori


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